Silkworm is the larva or caterpillar of Bombyx mori (Latin: "silkworm of the mulberry tree"), the domesticated silkmoth. Due to its importance in research as a next organism to Drosophila, there are various works done so as to annotate silkworm properly so as to provide all the required information related to it for research and academic use. It is an organism which is of economic importance due to its silk production and various other commercial purposes. It is entirely dependent on humans for its reproduction and no longer occurs naturally in the wild. Due to its large size and ease of culture, the silkworm has long been a model organism in the study of Lepidopteran and arthropod biology. For this reason, there need to be a TF database of Silkworm which will help in various ways to the researchers.

Transcription factors (TFs) are proteins that regulate gene expression levels by binding to specific DNA sequences in the promoters of target genes, thereby enhancing or repressing their transcriptional rates. TF plays a critical role in the life cycle of various organisms. By binding to the DNA, they tightly control where and when the nearby target gene is expressed. Identification and classification of TFs in silkworm are the most important step towards understanding its mechanism of gene expression and regulation. TF prediction of an organism is very much important towards understanding its determinant biological processes such as cell development, tissue differentiation, and apoptosis.

There is a strong need for a database that integrates multiple sources of information to give a comprehensive, genome-wide view of transcription factors in Silkworm. This was the purpose for the database of Silkworm Transcription factors, SilkTF. The prediction provides the starting point for use in high-throughput experiments that characterize the nature of regulation. A comprehensive and well annotated database of Silkworm transcription factors may provide a useful resource for researchers. It will help to know the mechanism of gene expression and regulation in mulberry silkworm, to know the whole biological process, to get information for academic and research purposes, to reconstruct transcriptional regulatory networks which govern the major cellular pathways, and to know the intrinsic developmental process in silkworm. The SilkTF-Silkworm Transcription Factor Database thus gives all the details about the transcription factors of Bombyx mori, mulberry silkworm.