STRUCTURE PLOT is an application for drawing elegant STRUCTURE bar plots in user friendly interface. Read this tutorial carefully for input data file preparation. First time users can use sample file and get themselves familiarize with the input file preparation and drawing parameters.

Input file: (Click here to download sample file)

STRUCTURE PLOT accepts individual Q matrix from STRUCTURE or CLUMPP output.

Read the following instructions carefully to prepare input file.

Copy the individual Q matrix from STRUCTURE or CLUMPP output and paste it in any spreadsheet application like MS Excel. Edit the header, and first and second columns based on following conditions:

1. Input file should have valid header (first row) in alpha-numeric (like ‘Pop1’) or in alphabets (like ‘Pop’). Don’t use numbers as header (like ‘1’).

2. Mandatory first column should be in alpha-numeric or alphabets. Don’t use only numbers in the first column. Use this column to indicate population ID for each individual. Same population ID can be used for more than one individual.

3. Mandatory second column, use this column to indicate individual ID. Individual ID should be unique to each individual and it should be in alpha-numeric or alphabets. Let us know, if you wish to label individuals only with numbers.

4. Don’t keep any extra columns other than first and second columns, and individual Q matrix. For example, if your data file is prepared for K=4, your input file should have only six columns. First and second alpha-numeric columns followed by four columns of individual Q matrix.

Remove the extra columns (if any) and save the file as ‘Tab Delimited Text File’. Only *.txt is allowed. Don’t use input file in some other formats like *.csv.

If you have any doubts, questions and suggestions in input file preparation or in executing the application, please drop a mail to: